Professional and dedicated

I’ve attended Elena’s classes for more than 15 years and have recently consulted her about my eczema. Despite visits to various doctors and the use of steroid creams my eczema continued to spread. Thanks to Elena and her nutritional advise I have successfully managed to control this allergy. I would gladly recommend her to anyone as she is very professional and dedicated. Keep up the good work Elena! S.Z.

What would we do without you?

There are no words that can really express my thanks for the change you made in me. On reaching retirement age and weighing 90kg, never having exercised in my life, I decided to join your classes. I never imagined that you could possible change my way of thinking and eating. You very gently, kindly and with great patience guided me through the exercises, which for me were difficult, and given me nutrition advice to control my weight. I am proud to say that your persistence and encouragement have paid off. Today, seven years later, I practically manage to do all the exercises. No mean feat for a person who is well over 60 and has never exercised!

Since I started your classes, my back and neck ache, which I have had for a long time, has disappeared. I am sure that the gentle exercises that you encourage me to do have helped in no small way to cure them. Moreover my bone density has improved tremendously and am at a very low risk.

Furthermore, with the help of the nutrition advice you gave me, I have been able not only to lose weight, but to balance my body and as a consequence not putting on again the weight I have lost. I am very pleased to inform you that I managed to lose 20kg, and am now weighing 70kgs. I used to wear clothes in size 22 and I am now wearing a size 12. I feel so lucky to have had the courage to phone you for lessons over seven years ago, when I had no clue as to what your classes would be about. I can honestly say that I feel rejuvenated. Thanks for always being patient and in a good mood. I look forward to class. What would we do without you? I hope you realise how much your hard work is appreciated. – Doris I am missing you and your classes so much! I haven’t been able to find yoga classes in my small town, but at the moment I’m training by myself in my room as you showed us as I’m so afraid of putting on weight! Rose

A considerable improvement in my body’s flexibility

I am 27 years old and have been attending Elena’s Yogacise classes for over six months. Given the sedentary nature of my work, I was looking for something to help me keep fit and made me more flexible but was fun at the same time. The Yogacise classes cater for all my requirements. Over the past months, combined with a healthy diet and some visits to the gym, I have toned my muscles considerably and have lost over four kilos. Apart from these achievements, I also saw a considerable improvement in my body’s flexibility, month after month. Needless, to say, I am very happy with these results and my intention is to continue on my path to tone my muscles a bit further.

One of the major aspects I enjoy at Elena’s classes is the level of individual attention and professionalism demonstrated by our amazing instructor. These help me feel secure that I am doing the right things in the right way, something which I cannot have by going to the gym alone. Finally, the classes are not the usual boring and tedious sessions as at other places. I find the Yogacise classes to be a great boost after a day of work due to Elena’s contagious energy and smile combined with the music and the nice people attending the classes. I would definitely recommend Yogacise to anyone, male or female of all ages, to lead a healthier lifestyle, shed the extra points and have a great time with the great Elena (or as I like calling her, the “Force of Nature”!). – A.S.

To my angel, Elena! Thank you so much for helping my shoulder get better!! After having a lot of pain for almost 11 months, I found you and now my pain is gone and I am enjoying every class with you.

My pain has now almost gone away completely

I would like to thank you once again for helping me out so much with your nutritional advice and Yogacise classes in general. I feel so much better ever since I have started to attend your classes which you hold with such enthusiasm and stamina and of course in a professional way. This is contagious amongst us all as we try to keep up with you. You seem to give us all that extra willpower to push ourselves a little more, which makes all the difference between you and all the other classes I used to attend. When in pain, I used to be so afraid to work out at the gym, however your good advice and constant reminders to breathe in and out properly made all the difference. My pain has now almost gone away completely. J.

Within a week my back pain was gone

Two years ago I had a major back pain. I was in so much pain that I could not even bend over the sink to wash my face; I was given a lot of medicine by a lot of doctors, to no avail. People at work suggested for me to visit Elena who checked me out and gave me a specific workout regime to aid my back pain. Following Elena’s instructions, I started the workout regime and I can say for sure that within a week my back pain was gone completely, which left me after that same week back to my hobby, playing football. M.

On the whole I realised that Elena and her clients work closely together in their pursuit of health. She coaches them along to help them take personal responsibility for their bodies. If they have an injury, she will carefully give the right attention, However, what impressed me most is that she concentrated within the area of her expertise. Thank you Elena!